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Choosing A Mortgage Broker – Part 4 – Better Customer Service

Better Customer Service
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Better Customer Service

Better Customer Service

Brokers Offer Better Customer Service

Choosing a mortgage broker just makes sense. Qualifying for a good home loan can be confusing. Mortgage brokers are trained and licensed to know how to get the best mortgage rates possible with simple mortgage guidance. The paper work involved in buying or building a new home can be overwhelming. Often reading the terms and agreements can seem like reading a different language.

Benefits of Choosing a Mortgage Broker

  • When using a broker to find a lender to finance your new home, you have someone who knows the language of real estate. They will know the terminology. A broker will know difference between fixed or adjustable rates and market fluctuations. They will know what a balloon payment is. PMI may be a term you have never heard of, but a broker know what it is and how to avoid it.
  • A mortgage broker is not trying to sell a certain financial institution’s mortgage loan. They work with several lenders to find the best mortgage terms for a new home purchase. When using a broker, you can apply for several financing options, with just one form.
  • You do not have to pay for the broker’s service; the chosen lending company pays most brokers. Like a finder’s fee. The lender, for bringing your business to their company, rewards the broker.
  • When using a broker, there are many lenders from which you may choose. A bank or other financial institution may have different types of mortgage loans, but do not have access to other loans or lenders that may have better terms.
  • If you have questionable credit, a broker can be extremely helpful in finding a mortgage loan. A broker has access to many types of loans from many different sources. Having a choice of private lenders and financial institutions with simple mortgage guidance, a home loan is within the reach of almost everyone.
  • Choosing a mortgage broker is the best way to get a mortgage with terms and conditions that you can financially live up to. It is the brokers job to offer the best customer service for you, not the lender.
  • A broker is more than a loan officer at a financial institution. A lender may not have experience in property investment specifically. Brokers often specialize in the different types of mortgages available.

Many shopping for a new home look to the guidance of a mortgage broker to find the best financing possible. They work to find the best loan with the terms that will match your budget. Buying or building a home using a mortgage is a huge step. It will take a large part of your personal budget to finance. A mortgage broker has the tools and knowledge to know where to shop for a home mortgage loan for any size budget.


Matt Demorest, President

Matt is the President and Founder of HomeSure Lending. He has extensive experience working in mortgage, finance, business development, business operations and non-profits. Matt holds a Masters Degree in Youth Ministry Leadership. NMLS #1011726

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