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Fixing Your Credit to Buy a Home

Fixing Your Credit to Buy a Home
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Fixing Your Credit to Buy a Home

Fixing Your Credit to Buy a Home Starts with Responsible Use of New Credit

Tips for Fixing Your Credit to Buy a Home

Your credit score is important in our world. It is a record and or proof that you are a responsible person and can pay your bills on time. The world doesn’t “take your word for it” when it comes to determining your ability to be responsible. Especially when it comes to large amounts of money that is in question. This is completely understandable. However, we are human and sometimes we stumble. That’s life. Maybe you lost your job at one point and were late on your car payment here and there. It happens. And this too is understandable. But, you have wanted to buy a home – the big dream most of us wish to fulfill. Came to find out though, your credit score is a bit low. Ok, so now what? How do you go about fixing your credit to buy a home? There are several things you can do. Here are some tips to fixing your credit.

Tip #1: Get and review your credit report.

You really should get your credit report from time to time. So you can review what it actually on it. This gives you an idea of what your history looks like. Plus to make sure your report reflects your history. Sadly, in some cases a low or bad score is the result of mistakes and or an indication of identity theft. If either of these things are noticed in your report, you should get a hold of your creditors and make a formal inquiry. By law they need to resolve the dispute. Especially if it is proved that there is a mistake after all. They have to correct and remove it from your report. Make sure that anything that gets changed or adjusted in your report is put into writing. It can be your proof and or defense against any problems.

Tip #2: Seek out a debt professional or counselor.

It can be tough managing your debt on your own. Find a trustworthy debt or financial counselor. You really need to get a pin point on what you owe and find ways to pay those debts off. They can help you in getting in touch with your creditors to go over your debt and make a better plan for you pay your bills. This can help you in so many ways. Perhaps you can go with debt consolidation to help making managing your debt easier. It’s easier to put your debt into one payment instead of keeping up with several different accounts. The bottom line here is to start paying off your debt. It will one improve your score and two teach you money management.

Tip #3: Organize your bills and implement a schedule.

The best thing you can do for yourself is make time to pay your bills. Know when they are due and mark them on a calendar or have some kind of reminder for yourself. The point of the credit system is to show you are responsible. Be responsible. Pay your bills ON TIME every time. Get current on your bills and stay current. This is the most solid tip to really improve your score. It will bump your score up to fixing your credit to buy a home. Continuing to do this will get that score high and you will never have to worry again.

Tip #4: Credit cards.

Credit cards are good to have to help bump up your credit score, BUT only when you know how to use them. Try not to use them too much. Much of the debt people are in is due to credit cards. They are a helpful tool in emergencies and things of that matter. However, most people abuse them. They tend to spend beyond their actual means. The best option in curbing your credit card debt is to get rid of excessive amounts of cards. Credit cards are not free money; you do have to pay them back. Canceling a credit card does not remove it from your credit report. Keep the card that you have had the longest.

So this is it?

Seems so simple right? Well, it really is this simple. All you have to is treat your credit how you should have treated it in the beginning. Follow these tips and keep following them until, well, forever. All you have to do is be patient. Fixing your credit to buy a home needs to be done right. There is risk when you try those quick fix companies out there. They can actually do more harm than good sometimes.


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Matt is the President and Founder of HomeSure Lending. He has extensive experience working in mortgage, finance, business development, business operations and non-profits. Matt holds a Masters Degree in Youth Ministry Leadership. NMLS #1011726

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