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Helpful Tips to Make Moving Easier

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Congratulations! Everything worked out and you’re all set to move into your new home. If you haven’t moved around much in you life, the process of packing and transporting everything you own can be especially daunting. Here’s a quick list of tips to get you out the door of your old home.

Clear out the Clutter!

Unless you live a particularly spartan lifestyle, you probably have quite a bit of forgotten , well, stuff in your home you don’t really want or need to take with you to your new home. Some of it, let’s be honest, is probably destined for the bin out back. But some of it is still useful and you just don’t need it anymore. If you’re wanting to make a little extra cash, post it online for sale. If you’re in more of a philanthropic mood, donate it to a charity. If you have old towels and blankets around that just aren’t your style anymore, take them to an animal shelter.

Estimate How Many Boxes You Need

There are a bunch of websites with handy calculators you can use to get an idea of how many boxes you may need. U-Haul has one and so does The calculators will require basic information such as the number of rooms and a ballpark of how many possessions you have. You can buy new boxes or you can check with local grocers and liquor stores for the boxes they got from shipments. Now’s a good time to use up those old newspapers you have in the garage for wrapping up fragile items.

Know Who’s Going to Help You

Decide whether you are going to rent a truck or hire a local moving company. Ask your friends whether they are willing to help. Take note of the vehicles different volunteers drive and plan what items will go and when. Appliances and large furniture will need a truck, but a car can fit a lot of boxes and smaller items in one trip.

boxLabel Boxes Simply

Keep your labels short and to the point. If it’s a box full of books, you don’t need to write each title. Stick to keywords like “paperbacks” or  “textbooks.” Another tip, especially if you’ve hired a moving company, is to write the name of the room of destination on the label such as “office” or “bedroom #2.” If you’re in a hurry, or if – like me – your handwriting is atrocious, write in ALL CAPS. It will help keep your handwriting legible for anyone who’s helping you move.

Start With What You Use Least

Some people manage to move their entire lives in a day. Most of us don’t. Since It will probably take a few days to get everything packed, loaded, and shipped, you’re better off if you start by packing the things you use least often such as linens, decorations, books, seasonal wardrobe, and artwork on the walls. This is the part of packing where you will find stuff you want to trash, sell, or donate. Starting with stuff you don’t use often leaves the stuff you do use available until the last minute. Pack your kitchen last or you’ll be stuck with just eating take-out for the foreseeable future.

It might seem like this is just another big stress after the process of securing your loan, but it’s worth it. I hope these tips will help you get moving.



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