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House Hunting Stinks – What to Overlook

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TheGothicHousePortlandThere are features of a house every prospective home buyer looks for when they’re shopping. Then there are some things that maybe you ought to just overlook. Not every place you look at will be perfect, but some might be pretty close. If that beach mural wallpaper just isn’t doing it for you, or if that retro carpeting in the dining room scares you more than a little bit, it’s understandable. But consider that things like that can be taken care of without too much extra expense.

Keep an open mind and a list of pros and cons for each property you visit. Decide ahead of time what you must have and what you’d like, but could do without. For instance: you may insist on four bathrooms for your large family, but the lack of a jacuzzi tub isn’t a deal breaker.

There are probably going to be several homes in your search with different minor issue that might have you wanting to run the opposite direction. I advise you to consider that some of these problems might not be as awful as you imagine.
You may not love the color or the brand of appliances in the kitchen. If this is your only beef, consider using them for a while after you move in and enjoy the extra time to shop for appliances you’d prefer.

Not everyone has your exceptional taste or love of color coordination. If you can’t stand the carpeting with that wallpaper, remember both can be changed. If the carpeting is in really poor, worn-out condition, see if you can negotiate with the sellers for a ‘carpet allowance’ to replace it.

Finally, smells. The title of this post references one of the (in my opinion) scariest things a house-hunter can find – a stinky house. If the smell is of cooking or dust or even cigarette smoke, it can be taken care of. Over look it. Open all the doors and windows for a while. Deep cleaning services are available that can clear up lingering odors from former occupants as well. However, if you smell animal smells or mold there are probably larger problems lurking. Cross it off your list and continue looking at your other options.



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