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First Aid for a Smelly House

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It doesn’t matter how clean they thought they were, the previous owners of your new home were bound to be a bit stinky once in a while. Maybe all that stink didn’t move when they moved. The wallpaper, carpets, pantries, closets and who knows what else may be harboring sneaky odors. So what are some good ways of dealing with the stench?

Different deodorizing methods work better for different situations. Some of them are advertised in clever commercials and have fancy labeling letting you know how great they work. Some of them you already have and probably don’t know it. Those are the ones I’m going to talk about today – ways to make your home smell better without having to leave it to buy products. Let’s hit a couple of the more common smells and their solutions.

For light duty smell control, consider using a bunch of inexpensive bars of scented soap. They’re easy to hide under furniture and inside of drawers for freshening small or large spaces. If it’s an enclosed space like under the kitchen sink, you don’t even need to remove the wrapper on the bar. Just toss it in.

An excellent way to reduce the stink that really works miracles is white vinegar. Pour vinegar into bowls and set the bowls in different rooms of the house. Leave the house for a few hours and maybe go to the park with the family. When you come back, the house will no longer be haunted by the ghosts of odors past.

Sometimes the areas that smell the most are the appliances used for cleaning. The clothes washer, and the dishwasher is what I’m talking about. The clothes washer sits there most of the day not washing clothes. Nope. It’s just there, sitting. If the door stays closed all the time on that machine, the water inside never evaporates. It just starts to get funky. Run a cycle with a generous dollop of white vinegar and leave the door ajar between washes. The vinegar smell will dissipate quickly and you’ll be left with a sweet smelling washer. Treat the dish washer the same way Check the trap in the bottom for bits of food regularly and run an empty cycle with white vinegar. It gets the job done without any harsh chemicals.

Grandma used this last one, but Grandma was a really smart lady. If your fridge has a persistent aroma of leftovers long past (or long forgotten) open a box of baking soda and put it at the back of a shelf. It’s so easy. A box of baking soda will keep your fridge smelling fresh for up to a year.



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