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5 Tips to Help You Settle into Your New Home

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number 5Moving out of your old home or apartment is only half the battle. Moving into your new home is exciting and fun, but getting completely moved and settled can take time. Only when you’re settled will you really feel like the house is your home. 

  1. Make sure you change your address, not just at the post office. One of the biggest obstacles between you and being settled in your home, is that your driver’s license, paycheck, insurance, television bills, internet bills, and even your bank notices will all continue to go to your old address. Even if you leave a forwarding address, having to wait two to three extra days for your mail isn’t ideal. Change your address with all important parties so you don’t have to worry about whether or not there’s a bill for you sitting in the mailbox of your old house. 
  1. Make sure your new home is secure. While you likely would not have chosen this house if you didn’t think it was secure, it’s always a good idea to change your locks and make sure your windows can be tightly shut and locked. Peace of mind makes the settling in process much faster. 
  1. Get to know your neighborhood. Especially if you have young children, taking walks around the neighborhood, finding their schools, nearby parks, local hangouts, and restaurants within walking distance is a great way to get to know your new area. Once you discover all the great things about this neighborhood, you’ll stop pining for the old one. 
  1. Unpack everything and store what needs to be stored. Don’t leave unpacked moving boxes around your home for weeks. Not only does that make it difficult to arrange furniture, decorate, and actually use your home, it can feel like you are still in the process of moving, when you should be getting on with your life. Really put in the effort to unpack your house and then get rid of the boxes and moving supplies. This will really make your new home feel like home. 
  1. Put your unique touch on the house. First-time buyers are usually hesitant to paint walls or put up decorations. If you’ve only ever rented before, having a place that you can really call your own and decorate however you want is a new experience. Decorating and putting your touch on the house is a great way to finish settling in.



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