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Windows and Doors!

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windows doorsWhether you decide to buy the very first house you look at or the twentieth, you might feel rushed by your realtor during the walkthrough. Even if this is your dream home and it is in the perfect location, you will want to have a thorough look at the house before making any decisions.

It is especially important to look at the doors and windows during the walkthrough, before more you have made any determination about the house. Why? Because a house shows its age in its doors and windows. Don’t feel rushed by your realtor—you have every right to give the house a thorough examination before making a decision about it. Here’s what to look for in the windows and doors:

Do They Work?

Start by opening and closing every door and window in the house. Do they close firmly? Are they easy to open? Does there seem to be a breeze or a draft through the window, even when it’s closed? While a door that is a little sticky or a window that is difficult to open is no reason to reject a house, if there are more serious problems, like windows that do not open at all or doors that are very difficult to close or open or do not fit properly in their frames might either be grounds for a lower price or a request for the owner to replace them before moving out.

What Kind of Window or Door Are They?

Storm windows can be a major benefit in states where heavy summer rainstorms and winter snowstorms would wreak havoc on a home with normal windows. Storm windows are double paned and there should be no condensation between them—if there is, this means the seal is broken and the windows needs to be replaced.

Thermal windows are also a great addition to any home—their glass is thicker and often treated with insulation so that it neither lets heat out during the winter nor in during the summer. The doors also might have special insulation to help prevent losing the air conditioning during the summer and the heating in wintertime.


If a home has very outdated doors or windows, this could be deal breaker. Check and make sure the paint is not chipped and the overall style of the windows and doors matches the rest of the home.


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