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5 Unique Housewarming Gifts

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canstockphoto26662837Most friends and relatives want to send a gift when they find out you are going to buy a house. It’s only natural—especially if it’s your first home. They want you to feel comfortable and to be able to make the space your own. If they do you the courtesy of asking you what you want or need as you move into your new place, or you’re a friend or family member looking for a housewarming gift that your loved one isn’t already going to have or isn’t going to receive from someone else, here are five unique housewarming gifts:

Takeout menu organizer – Even if you don’t eat out very often, having a place to organize the menus that you do collect (restaurants sometimes even come around your neighborhood and leave them on your door or in your mailbox) makes them much easier to find when you do want to order something for pickup or delivery.

An awesome candle – While a candle may seem like a lame gift, it’s actually an ideal housewarming gift, especially if you pick one in a neutral scent. Not everyone loves the scent of “warm toasted marshmallows by the fire,” but vanilla, sandalwood or teak scents are almost universally adored and can be great for a bathroom or kitchen.

Seeds – You may not be a gardener, but planting flowers around your yard is easy. All you have to do is sprinkle the seeds, cover them with earth, and keep them watered. In a few weeks, you’ll have some lovely greenery sprouting up in your yard. Flower seeds in a cute package make a great housewarming gift!

A moving-in food gift basket – This is the greatest gift anyone who is moving can receive. If you’ve experienced a big move, you know how difficult it can be to find the time to actually go out and get groceries while you’re also trying to move all of your possessions into the space. A box or basket with some quick and simple meals like mac and cheese or lunch meat and bread will be a lifesaver.

A “things you forgot” bucket – Leaving a bucket that has a tape measure, an extension cord, a few light bulbs, and some batteries is a great way to help them cover any essentials they might have forgotten.


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