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Cleaning Tips for the First-time Homeowner

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canstockphoto19771110Cleaning your home is easy, right? If you’ve just bought a new home or are thinking about buying a home and you’ve never owned one before, you might not realize how much work actually goes into keeping a house clean and beautiful. Even if you were a prodigious helper when it came to helping clean your childhood home, those who have never had charge of their own home before are prone to cleaning mistakes that could make your home more difficult to keep clean or actually damage your property. Here are four mistakes to avoid:

  1. Not cleaning your cleaning tools. Have you ever washed your rags and sponges? What about your brooms, mops, and vacuums? Your dusters or toilet brushes? If you never clean these items, they will never be able to get your home perfectly clean. Wash your rags and sponges after every use. Give your vacuum (especially the bristles) a thorough cleaning every month or so. Dusters can also be put through the wash, and toilet brushes should be sanitized with bleach regularly.
  2. Only cleaning the visible dirt. Sure, you know that dust is building up behind the television, but if you can’t see it on a daily basis, does it really matter? Yes, it does. Not only can that dust clog your television’s cooling vents, which can cause your television to overheat and meltdown, it also facilitates more dust throughout your house. Especially if you have allergies or someone in your household has a respiratory illness, make sure you get that hard-to-reach or out-of-sight-out-of-mind dirt and dust.
  3. Using the wrong products on the wrong surfaces. Windex is a great multipurpose cleaners, but on wooden surfaces and leather furniture, products that are actually formulated for those materials are going to clean much better and be much less corrosive to the material.
  4. Not ventilating your space. Even if you use non-toxic products, the smells and chemicals can easily build up in your home. While you might love the smell of a clean home, those scents can wreak havoc on someone with allergies or breathing issues. Make sure, on cleaning day, to open your windows and use fans to circulate fresh air into your home.

Use these tips and you’ll be an expert home cleaner in no time!


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