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How to Stage a Home to Entice More Buyers

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canstockphoto1159557How successful your home is going to be on the market has a lot to do with the staging. Your realtor may help with the staging, but they may also just do a simple walkthrough of the house with you, pointing out the stuff that you should probably remove and put in boxes. Giving your home the right look can make or break the selling process. So, if you are trying to sell your home so you can buy a new one, here are some tips that are sure to make your home more attractive to buyers:

  • Know who you are going to be selling to. Asking your realtor about the kinds of buyers that are likely to come look at your home is a good way to get an idea of who you are going to be selling to. He or she should know what the typical buyer in the area looks like. Is it a family? A young professional? A retired couple? Knowing this information can help you tailor the look and feel of your home to that audience.
  • Put away the personal photos. It’s true, some buyers do want to see family pictures in a space because they think it makes the home looked lived in. The truth is, however, that what most buyers really want is a blank slate. They want to be able to envision themselves in that home. Coming into a home and seeing someone else’s family pictures can make that person feel like they are actually setting foot into someone else’s home, not a home that they could potential buy.
  • Don’t be afraid to get trendy. That bright blue wall might not be fashionable in a few years, but you aren’t looking for someone to buy your home in a few years, you’re looking for someone to buy your home today. Pick a trendy color that is sure to be buyer friendly.
  • Make the space look like someone lives there. You don’t want to make the house look like you live there, you want it to look like someone lives there. Get rid of the personal clutter, but leave a few lived-in touches like an extra blanket on the bed and a book on the nightstand.

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