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Why You Should Buy a Home This Fall

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canstockphoto8243403Though spring is usually the busiest time of year to buy a home, buying a home during the fall comes along with a lot of great perks, including the fact that there are simply fewer people shopping, so there is less competition. Besides the lack of competition, the weather is perfect for touring homes, and nothing really showcases a house better than fall colors in the trees and the nostalgia of Thanksgiving and the winter holidays approaching. Here are four more reasons you should buy a home this fall:


  1. Home still on the market from the spring. There will be many sellers who started trying to sell their homes in the spring and are still trying to find buyers. These sellers are more likely to be willing to negotiate, as their homes have been on the market for months. Some may even be so desperate to sell that they have lowered their home’s price below the market value, simply to attract buyers.


  1. Sellers during the holiday season are more motivated to sell. When a seller is not motivated, they can sit and wait for the right price to come their way. With the holidays approaching, however, sellers are more likely to be motivated to get out of their current home and into the new one. Having a house for sale during Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas is just disruptive, so many sellers are willing to work with buyers in order to sell off their house quickly.


  1. Most sellers will want to close before the year ends. If someone puts their home on the market this late in the year, it is probably because they want the gain or loss that comes with selling that home to be on this tax year. That means they will want to sell before the year comes to a close, making them even more motivated to work with people looking to buy homes during this season.


  1. Fall is not always the best backdrop for homes. Curb appeal and first impressions have a lot to do with a home’s value. While fall colors can frame a home nicely, dying flowers and lawns, as well as harsher fall light that can reveal scratches, stains, and other issues, may encourage a seller to lower their price when the right buyer comes along.

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