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Your Guide to Moving During the School Year

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canstockphoto10601682If you have children, moving during the school year can be especially difficult, not just because you will probably be moving during one of the cold weather months. Moving during the middle of the school year means transferring schools, which can be hard on your children and adds an additional task to your already long list of moving tasks. That said, sometimes, moving during the school year is inevitable and will even ultimately be for your child or children’s good. If you’re undertaking a moving in the months between August and June, here’s what you need to know:

  1. Talk to the old school. If you let your school know that you are moving out of their boundary lines well before you actually move, you give the teachers and administrators time to prepare the student and the necessary documentation. They may be able to send your child’s school records on ahead of your move, or they may ask that you hand carry those documents to the new school. Either way, talking to the old school well in advance is a great way to make sure your child’s documents are properly prepared. 
  1. Talk to the new school. One of the most difficult things about moving during the school year is the child having to leave their old friends and classmates behind. They may have activities at that school that they are very invested in, and they will be said to leave them. Talking to the new school is a great way to find out what curriculum your child might not know that his classmates will and to find out about analogous activities that the new school has, which can make your child more excited to make the move. 
  1. Encourage your child to stay in touch with old friends. While it’s absolutely necessary that he make new friends at his new school, it is not imperative that he lose touch with his old friends. It is so easy today to stay in touch, that he can find his friends on Facebook, get their phone numbers, or collect their addresses, so he can easily write to them or communicate with them as often as he likes. This will help him stay connected to the friends he’s already made, without discouraging him from making new friends.

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