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7 Essential Supplies for Moving House

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canstockphoto2726271While some might prefer to hire a moving company to come in, professionally pack up all of their possessions, and move them into their new home, others are perfectly happy to do all of the packing and moving themselves. If you are in the second camp and are taking on the entire task of boxing up your possessions, packing a truck, and then unloading it at your new house, here are seven supplies you shouldn’t do without:

  1. Heavy-duty boxes – If you have moved around a lot (as many renters do), you probably already have a collection of moving boxes. If you don’t, it is time to invest in some high-quality, durable boxes that you can trust to hold your valuables. If you have mirrors and artwork, you can find special boxes just for these items. 
  1. Packing tape – Another obvious choice, yet some people will try to use everyday tape in order to close up their boxes. You want tape that will keep those boxes closed and secure—get packing tape. 
  1. Blankets – If you have a lot of extra blankets and bath towels around your house, you can use them to cushion furniture and other items that you want to be protected during moving. If you don’t have lots of blankets, you might want to buy some. 
  1. Plastic wrap – Plastic wrap is one of the best overlooked packing supplies. You can use it to keep drawers closed, to wrap up breakable items, and to protect corners and surfaces from being scratched or dinged. 
  1. Bubble wrap and packing paper – Both of these items are idea for cushioning breakable items in boxes and on their own. They help prevent shifting as things are in the truck. 
  1. Protection for your carpet – The last thing you want to do is track mud, dirt, and other mess into your new home as you go in and out with your boxes. If you want to protect your floors, look for carpet protection plastic that you can lay down before unpacking the truck. 
  1. Box cutters – When it comes time to open up all those boxes, you can make the process much easier by having a few box cutters on hand. You’ll want to save the boxes, but these little knives make cutting the tape fast and easy.

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