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How Much Home Do You Need?

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Dream home

Dream home

For tiny house fans, the answer might be “Not very much home at all.” For those of us that might want a little more room than a house built on a trailer can provide, the answer might be more difficult. Square footage is going to be one of the defining factors of your home search. In general, larger houses are more expensive. Small houses, less expensive. If a home is too small for you and your household, you’ll feel cramped and claustrophobic. Too large, and it will be expensive to heat and cool and you might just feel lost in it. Here are some tips to make sure you get a home that’s the right size for you.

Think About Your Lifestyle

Do you often have visitors staying or throw large parties at your home? Do your kids prefer sharing a room or would life be much quieter and calmer if they each had their own? Would you like to have a spare room for guests or to use as a library or office? Do you like to go out or do you prefer to stay at home? All of these questions should influence you when it comes time to decide on a house.

Think About Your Future

If you and your partner are moving into a home today, you might only need one bedroom. But are you planning on having children in the near future? If so, how many? Do they all need their own rooms, or can they share? Is it likely that you would need to provide a room for a sibling or parent at some time while you live in this home? Will you be financially capable of paying the utility and upkeep fees that accompany a larger home?

Think About Your Stuff

In general, when moving from an apartment to a home, you will have less stuff than you have room for. If you are moving from one house to another, however, you might have too much stuff for a smaller space. Are you willing to throw away the things that will not fit? Do you like having clutter around or are you an organization guru? Smaller homes require more creativity when it comes to storage, and larger homes definitely give you more room to spread out. What size of home will best fit the needs of your possessions?


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