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How to Save Money This Winter  

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winter-273403_640The winter can be an expensive time of year for many households. Aside from the winter holidays, there are many expenses that only occur during the winter that can strain your budget. Here are a few ways to save money this winter and stay on top of your budget:

  • Cancel your gym membership. You may have gotten a gym membership at the beginning of the year, hoping that it would motivate you to stay on top of your resolution to work out more. Unless you actually are using that membership, cancel it. Too many people pay fees for memberships that they never use.
  • Keep walking. Most people are happy to walk during warm weather, but would rather drive even short distances during the winter. Instead of spending more money on gas, throw on a heavy coat and walk to those places that are within walking distance. Unless it is dangerously cold outside, those places that you loved to walk to during warm weather can still provide you with good exercise and help you save money.
  • Avoid online shopping. Colder weather often means that fewer people want to leave their homes to go to the mall. They make up for it by online shopping. It is more difficult to remember what you have bought and what you’ve spent when you online shop, because you do not actually have the physical items or receipts in your hands just yet. This is a dangerous trap to fall into, and one that could put a serious dent in your budget.
  • Buy winter vacation tickets at the right time. There are actually better times to buy your tickets. If you fly on Tuesdays, your tickets are going to be cheaper. Fridays are the most expensive day to fly, while Sundays are the least expensive out of all seven days. Try to plan your trip so that you can get the cheapest possible flights.
  • Turn down your thermostat at night. If you simply cannot stand having the house be a little too cold during the day, you can still save on heating costs by turning down your thermostat at night. Turning it down ten degrees and putting an extra blanket on your bed could save you more than ten percent on your overall heating costs.

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