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Unpacking Tips: Where to Start 

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canstockphoto2726271When we moved into our first house, it was probably six months before we actually unpacked all of the boxes. We were stilling finding boxes even months after the move, opening them up, and realizing that we’d been missing something that had been stowed away in the garage by the movers. Unpacking was a far more arduous task than packing, no matter how much we wanted to get our new home set up and livable, and that was largely our own fault. When we packed up the apartment, there was no rhyme or reason to it. We just threw things into whichever box they fit in. It made unpacking a nightmare. Here are some tips to make unpacking less of a nightmare:


  • Clean your home before you start unpacking. Even if the previous owners only moved out a week before you moved in, there will probably be some dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning that needs to be done before you actually start unpacking. Doing this cleaning right now, before you have opened a box, can make the entire process easier. Dust the shelves, wipe down the windows, and mop or vacuum the floors so you have the cleanest possible canvas.


  • Do not open a box until you have your inventory list. Whether this list was made by your movers or whether you made it yourself, make sure you have it in hand when you start to unpack your boxes. This is the best way to make sure that first, all of your boxes arrived, and second, that they all arrived in the condition they left your old property.


  • Unpack the essentials first. It can be easy to get mired in the monotony of opening boxes, taking out the items, and storing them in your new house. The best way to make sure that you do not burn out before you have the most essential items set up is to start with those essential items. These are clothes, toiletries, medicine, food, kitchen utensils, etc.


  • Set up your furniture. Nothing is more disheartening than getting to the end of a long day of moving and not having anything to sit or sleep on. Put together your bedframe and make your bed and set up your couch and chairs so you have a comfortable place to relax and sleep.




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