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What You Need to Know about Buying a Home in Winter

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Majestic Newly Constructed HomeThere is a lot of discussion in the real estate industry about whether or not buying a home during the winter is a good idea. There is always a concern about moving and whether or not you are unnecessarily complicating your life if you plan your move during the cold, snowy months of winter. But there are more major concerns about whether or not anyone will even be selling during this season. It’s time to assuage those fears.

Plenty of People Sell During Winter

While few people might be willing to sell their home before Thanksgiving and Christmas, there are going to be plenty of homes on the market after New Year’s. Trying to keep your home open house worthy during one of the most hectic times of the year is something that only a few people take on. Once the holidays have calmed down, however, there is only the cold to worry about, and for many people, that isn’t going to keep them from making their home as beautiful and purchasable as possible. Lots of people even make selling their home part of their New Year’s resolutions.

Plenty of People Buy During the Winter

No real estate agent is going to look at you sideways if you come into their office and announce that you would like to buy a home during the cold, snowy part of the year. They’re happy to have business every month of the year. If you agent tells you to wait until spring, you might want to look for a different agent that actually has your timeline and needs in mind. It’s true that there are going to be fewer houses on the market, but there are also going to be fewer buyers on the market, so finding the home of your dreams might not be as difficult as it is during another season.

Get Your Financing Ahead of Time

While you will have less competition if you try to buy in winter, if you wait too long to make a move on the home you want, you might find that it is spring and there are suddenly lots of people trying to buy the home you found during the winter. To prevent this from happening, show up with financing already in hand, so you can shorten the buying process as much as possible.


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