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Why Your Title Is Delayed

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Slow JusticeA title when it comes to the housing market is essentially the history of that house. It covers when it was built and who has owned it since it was built. It might also include information about financial issues that are related to the house. If your title is delayed, it could delay the entire purchase process, causing you and probably the seller, too, stress during an already stressful process. Here are three of the biggest reasons why your title is delayed and what to expect when your title is delayed.


  • Extra deed work due to probate – If the previous owner of the house has died, their estate has to go through probate. Even if they left behind a will, that will has to be approved by the courts in order for their property to be distributed. If the title to the house is part of that estate, and that estate is still in probate, it could delay a sale, simply because the court is still deciding whether or not the new owner actually has the right to claim ownership to and sell the house.


  • A judgment has been placed on the property – This is often due to owing back property taxes or some other kind of financial misbehavior of the current owner. If there is a judgment on a house you are trying to buy, you don’t have to worry about paying whatever is owed in that judgment, but you will probably have to wait until the courts have had a chance to determine who is responsible and who does have to pay those fees.


  • The owners are divorcing – If a couple is divorcing and selling a house that was owned by both parties in that marriage, things can get a little confusing when it comes to the title. Usually, the divorce will have to be finalized and one person removed from the title before the other owner has authorization to sell. In some instances, this is a fast and easy process. If the divorce is tumultuous, however, this could go on for months.

The biggest thing to remember when your title is delayed is that you just need to be patient. If you have your paperwork in order, you just have to wait for the other party to get theirs together and everything will be fine.


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