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How to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient 

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 We are approaching the season during which most people have to spend the most on power, trying to keep their homes comfortable during hot weather. While the spring and fall might have relatively low power bills, the summer and winter usually have much higher bills, but there are some ways to mitigate some of those costs, simply by making your home more energy efficient. Here are a few of those ways:


  • Turn up your thermostat. Chances are, you probably will not notice the difference between sixty-five and seventy degrees. By turning your thermostat up a few degrees during the summer, you can save yourself massively on your energy bills and will probably be just as comfortable.


  • Install low flow fixtures. A low-flow toilet and shower head can make it simple to save water. The average shower, for example, uses five gallons of water every minute. A low flow version usually uses less than two and half, and a low-flow toilet could use less even less than half of the water of a normal toilet, while still getting the job done.


  • Seal off your windows. If you haven’t yet taken the time to seal your windows, you are going to be losing warm air through them in the winter and cold air during the summer. A thin line of caulk around the edges of your windows can help to fill gaps that could be sucking away the air that you have paid to heat or cool.


  • Use your air conditioning less. On some days, you may find that you are just as comfortable with just a fan in your room as you are with your air conditioning on. If you spend most of your day in a single room, you can keep that room cool just by plugging in and turning on an energy efficient fan. The rest of your home might still warm up, but the room you are using will be comfortable and you don’t have to pay to cool the rest of your home.


  • Wash your clothes with cold water. Whenever possible, wash your clothes using cold water. Most washing machines today have a setting that allows you to choose just cold water, and this is often better for the clothes themselves.




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