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How to Downsize your Things

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Garage MessIf the house you’ve just purchased is smaller than the house or apartment where you are living now, you are likely going to need to take a good look at the things you own and decide what should come and what should be thrown or given away. Here are some tips to make sure it’s not as difficult as it could be:


  • Make a list of everything you own. Before you can start eliminating things, you have to know what exactly you have. While you do not have to make a list down to every single pair of shoes or every single book on your shelf, you should know, in general, what you have, so that you can start deciding what will stay and what will go.


  • Get the floor plan for your new house. You already know that you are getting less square feet than where you are living now, but how are those square feet distributed? Having the floor plan, whether you measure and then draw it out or whether you get a copy of the blueprints from the current owner, can help you make decisions about large pieces of furniture.


  • Consider what you need and what you don’t need. If you need a couch in a certain room so that room can double as a guest room when friends or relatives visit, then that couch is a necessity. If you are moving to a warm climate and you have a collection of heavy parkas, however, those are things that you can probably do away with without ever missing. Think about how your routine is going to change when you move to the smaller place and what you’ll actually use and what will just be extra.


  • Put your things in piles. As you start the packing process, go through your things and divide them into separate piles. These will be piles to throw away, piles to give away, and piles that you are taking with you. Be judicious in your pile-making. Depending on how much room you are being limited to, you might need to be willing to get rid of a lot of stuff.




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