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What can I do if a seller rejects my offer?

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stamp rejected in red text on whiteBuying a home can be a lot like dating. You will likely have to meet lots of different houses before you find the one that you actually want to settle down with. You might think you’ve found the one, but when you make an offer, you find yourself rejected. You make an offer, you think it’s a great offer, but the seller just won’t bite. What can you do? The first thing you have to realize is that that seller has their own motivations, and no matter the market conditions, some sellers are just going to reject your offers. What should you do?


  • Don’t try to psychoanalyze the seller. There is no reason to spend your precious time trying to figure out why the seller rejected your perfectly reasonable offer. Unless they provide you with a reason (for example, they might tell your agent that the offer is too low), you probably will never be able to figure them out. Don’t start obsessing over this seller and why they rejected your initial offer. You can’t get inside their head, so don’t try.


  • Always make your best offer. If you really want a home, don’t play mind games with the seller, especially if you are in a seller’s market, as most people are these days. When they reject your offer, give them your very best offer. If you really want the home, you might have to fold and accept their counteroffer, even if it is not something that you are ecstatic about. Some sellers are just not motivated to sell, which means they can reject offers right and left until they find one that they like. Being honest with that seller and coming back with the very best you can do may be the only way to win them over.


  • Don’t get hung up on one house. If you whittle yourself down to just one option and the seller just is not willing to play ball, you can find yourself heartbroken. At some point, you’re just going to have to move on. Getting hung up on a single house can make it impossible for you to find a house down the line. If it’s not working, just move on to the next home.

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