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Who You Need to Notify When You Move

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Goofy Thumbs Up Couple Holding We're Moving Sign in Room with Packed Cardboard Boxes.Actually packing up all of your things and moving into your new home is just part of the moving process. Perhaps the most stressful part of moving is all of the logistics—figuring out who you need to notify and when you need to do it so that you can be sure your mail is going to be forwarded to the right place and so that your friends and family know when you’re on the move. Once you’ve secured your mortgage and started the moving process, here’s who you need to notify:  


  • Your friends and family – When you are moving, your friends and family should be the first people to notify. First, because they may be willing to come and help you move—which can make the process easier—and second, because you probably don’t want to just disappear in the night. If you’re moving away from friends and family, letting them know as soon as you make the decision will give you plenty of time to say goodbye.


  • Your employer – Unless you are taking a job with the same company and are being actively relocated for your employer, you will want to let your boss know ASAP that you are going to move. This gives them plenty of time to find someone to fill your position and to have you train them and fill out any necessary severance paperwork before you go.


  • Landlord – If you are moving from a rented space into a home you’ve purchased, letting your landlord know that you are moving out is imperative, especially if you are breaking your lease in order to move into the home you’ve purchased. You’ll have to look at your lease contract to see if there are any penalties for moving out before the end of your lease, but even if there are not, you may want to file your forwarding address with your landlord.


  • Utilities and post offices – Letting the utilities companies you get your gas, power, and water from that you are moving will ensure that they transfer your account to your new address. Letting the post office know, with a change of address form, can make sure that your mail is forwarded to your new home, instead of directed back to your old residence.




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