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How to Find a Home That Accommodates Your Dog 

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dog welcome home When buying a home, your dog’s needs might not be at the top of your list. But if you have an active dog and a tiny yard, the barking and whining might soon start to become a problem. There’s nothing wrong with taking your dog’s needs into consideration when buying your home. As man’s best friend, they need their own space and there are definitely some features that could make your home a great place or a horrible place for your pooch. Here are some aspects to look at:

  • Yard space – If you have a dog that needs to spend a lot of time running around outside in order to be happy, you are definitely going to want to look at yardage when buying a home. While a large backyard might not matter to someone buying a home that does not have children or a pets, it will definitely be important to someone who does have either or both of these two things.
  • Other dogs – Do the houses around you have dogs? Are there other dogs in the neighborhood? Not only is this an opportunity for your furry friend to make friends, it generally means that the people living near you will be more understanding of barking and the messes that a dog can make. If you live in a neighborhood where there are no other dogs, your neighbors might still be perfectly understanding, but chances are that there will also be some people that are not tolerant of the noise your pet makes.
  • Neighborhood features – Are there places in your neighborhood to take your dog for a walk? Is there a dog park nearby where your dog can socialize with other dogs? If you do not feel safe walking around your neighborhood, or there are simply no good sidewalks or walking trails near where you live, this might not be the right neighborhood for you and for your dog.
  • Space for your pup– If the house is too small, you might find your dog underfoot. While your dog certainly does not need his own room, it might be nice to ensure that he has at least a little nook somewhere that he can call his own.

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