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How to Label Boxes for a Move 

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PackingIf you want to make your move as stress-free as possible, the very best thing you can do is to be organized. Simply throwing all of your possessions into a box and putting that box in your truck, hoping you will remember what is in it and where it needs to go is a good way to lose track of important items and to make unpacking and arranging your home a veritable nightmare. Here are some tips to help you label your boxes to make sure your move is as hassle-free as any move can be:


  • Gather the right materials. Having the right materials when you start your move will make your life so much easier. Get together some permanent markers in a few different colors. Permanent markers will ensure that no matter what you need to write on, you can do it without it smudging or running. Grab some labels and some good packing tape, too.


  • Use a color code. Once you have all of your materials together, establish a color code—one color for each room or type of room. For example, you might choose purple for bedroom boxes and green for the kitchen. Set the different colored labels or markers in each room so you do not accidentally mix them up as you are starting to pack your boxes.


  • Label each box after it has been packed. Do not label it beforehand and do not wait until it has been sealed and is sitting in a big pile. Label it as soon as it is fully packed and you are going to seal it. You do not want to forget what you have put inside each box. While you do not have to make a full list of everything in the box, you might want to make a note of what generally is in each box, to make looking for something specific easier when you unload.


  • Put labels on the top and two of the sides. To make it easy to determine which box should go where when you arrive at your new home, put a label not just on the top, but on a few of the sides. This will ensure that when you are unpacking your truck, you won’t have to search to figure out where each box will go.

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