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5 Ways to Make Your Real Estate Agent Miserable

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Worried estate agentWhile it isn’t exactly your job as a home buyer to make your agent’s life easy, if you make their job difficult, you are ultimately hurting yourself and making it more difficult to get the home of your dreams. Buying a home may be a long process and it can be stressful, but keeping away from these five actions can ensure it goes as smoothly as possible:


  • You plan on negotiating without telling your agent. Your agent should be a part of every price negotiation. Going behind their back doesn’t just make their life harder, it can actually ruin the negotiation process and make buying that home much harder than it has to be. Always tell your agent about your intentions to negotiate.


  • Making a lowball offer for no reason. The house is priced at $500,000 and you submit an offer of $400,000. Only a seller who is very desperate to sell would take such a ridiculously low offer. Making an unjustified low offer wastes that seller’s time and makes them much less likely to consider even reasonable offers from your side of the table.


  • Showing up to showings with a full detail. Sure, you may want to see the house three or four times before you decide to purchase, but you should not bring your interior designer, contractor, or architect to measure and evaluate the entire house—a process which takes hours. Even bringing a large group of friends who are all going to give differing opinions and want to examine every inch of the house before leaving is just making your decision more difficult and your agent’s job very difficult.


  • Demanding hours of attention with no intention to buy. Your agent is there to help you find a house. If you’re not ready to actually buy, taking up hours of your agent’s day when you are not actually going to make a purchase does not endear you to that agent.


  • Constantly changing your mind. Whether it is about whether or not you want to buy a particular property or what you actually need or want in a house, not being able to make and stick to a decision will only ever be frustrating to your agent. They will tRy to accommodate you, but you are ultimately wasting your own time if you can’t make a decision.

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