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Biggest Mistakes People Make When Selling Their Homes 

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Worried estate agentIf you are currently searching for a new home, you might also be trying to sell your old home. This process could be extremely stressful, made even more difficult by the reality that you are probably going to make mistakes. Here are some of the biggest mistakes and what you can do to make sure they don’t happen to you:


  • Not choosing the right agent – Working with the very first agent you find might not always turn out badly, but you might find yourself paired up with an agent that does not really have your best interests at heart. The right agent will help you find a price for your home that will bring buyers to your house and will also help you get the most out of the investment you have put into that home. The wrong agent will be concerned, first and foremost, with their commission. The right agent will do everything they can to make sure they earn their commission.


  • Not preparing for the sale – Have you spent some time making sure that your home is actually ready for buyers when you hammer the For Sale sign into your yard? Whether you want to make sure that your curb appeal is actually appealing or that the interior of your home is as updated and spotless as it can be, spending a little bit extra time to make sure your home is actually prepared to be sold will go a long way and could actually get you a higher selling price.


  • You didn’t plan properly – Selling your home and buying a new one is a complicated dance. You can avoid being homeless for a few weeks or months by planning ahead. If you get a buyer during the first week your home is listed, do you have somewhere to go in a month? If your home does not sell quickly but you have already purchased your next home, are you able to field two mortgages at once for a while, until your old home does sell? Selling one home and buying another can be done, but it requires careful planning on your part.

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