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How to Work from Home

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The Glory of the Internet Series - E-commerceDuring your home search, you might have been looking specifically for one with an extra room that you could use as your office. Even if you weren’t on the hunt for a house with a dedicated office space, your work-from-home lifestyle was probably still a factor in your home buying decision. Now that you have your home, you might be experiencing the real life trials of trying to work from that space. Here are some tips to make you as productive as possible:

  1. Dedicate a space just to working. If you are going to be working from home, you need a space where you do nothing but that. The mobility of technology makes it easy to work from anywhere you please, but creating a dedicated workplace in your home is about putting yourself in the right mindset to work. If you use that space for anything else, you’ll find yourself less focused. It is also nice to have a defined area that is yours and that when your family members or roommates see you there, they know you are working and they should not bother you.
  1. Get up and move around. It can be tempting just to sit and work and never move from your space, except to get a drink of water or a snack. This can wreak havoc on your body. Even if you have a desk and chair that cater to good posture and comfort, sitting for hours and hours every day is bad for your body and could contribute to very real health conditions. At least once every few hours, get up, stretch, and walk around your house. Consider intersecting your day with a workout to get your blood moving again.
  1. Look into time management solutions. If you often find yourself getting distracted by chores, television, or other pursuits, it might be time to look into effective time management options. Not only can you install programs on your computer that prevent you from getting on time-wasting websites (like social media), there are also apps and online tools that help you manage your to-do list. Consider making yourself a schedule so you know what you need to get done when, allowing you to better understand your priorities.

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