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4 Reasons You Should Go to Open Houses

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Sign - Open HouseEven if you are not seriously thinking about buying a house in the next month, if you are preparing to buy a home, open houses are a great place to start learning about the homes available in a certain area, how much they are worth, and to flush out the list of items you want in your own home. Here are four of the biggest reasons you should go to open houses:

  1. Ask questions of the listing agents. Chances are, you might be encountering those listing agents again when you are starting to look seriously for a home to buy. Now is the perfect time to learn more about the neighborhood, the price of homes of this size and age, and a good idea of what is for sale and what’s going to be for sale in the future. This is your chance to pick the listing agent’s brain before you are working with your own buyer’s agent.
  1. See what is fashionable. When someone is trying to sell a home, they are going to try to make as many positive cosmetic changes to that home as they can. They might paint the exterior, put in new flooring, buy new appliances, etc., just to make their home look more modern. If you are interested in home design trends, visiting open houses in your area is a good way to see what’s “in” right now.
  1. Find a good contractor or designer. If you are going to be selling your own home in the future or are going to want to make changes to a home that you eventually buy, an open house is a great place to get a referral for a contractor or designer. The real estate agent in charge of the open house will likely have a list of names or businesses that they like to work with, including the businesses that helped make that home ready to sell.
  1. Nail down your expectations. You might not know what you are looking for in a home until you are actually inside other people’s homes and looking at what they have and thinking about whether or not it is going to work for you. Getting a concrete look at what’s out there can help you make decisions about what you really want from your future home.

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