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Thinking about Living Tiny? 

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Tiny house in female hand isolated on whiteTiny houses are all the rage recently, and when they can be built and transported legally, they are a great option for single people or small families that want to live on less. While these bite-sized homes might not be a great option for everyone, they do come with a number of advantages, including a highly reduced cost over a more traditional home. Here are some questions you should ask yourself before committing to this lifestyle:

  1. Do I really want to live on less? While a tiny home is a great option for those that don’t need much space, a tiny home usually means giving up a lot of the comforts of traditional home ownership.
  1. Can you deal with less space? Less space means less storage space, less space for visitors, and less space for yourself. You might think you only need a few hundred square feet to live in, but once you are enclosed in this small space, it might not be right for you—unless it is.
  1. Do you have somewhere to put it? Choosing a tiny home can be tricky, simply because many municipalities have strict laws when it comes to home size and amenities. There are some ways to get around this (if your tiny house is technically mobile, it can be classed as a mobile home and therefore circumvent a lot of the regulations.
  1. Can you customize it? There are now companies that sell tiny homes, many of which can be customized to fit your needs. If you prefer having a full bedroom, rather than a dining space, for example, you can usually make the exchange. Are you looking at options that allow you to personalize your tiny home to fit your needs?
  1. Can you afford it? While tiny homes are generally cheaper than other types of homes, there is still a cost associated with them. Most companies will require you put a sizeable payment down for your home or even pay for the entire thing up front.
  1. Do you want to build it? Other companies give you the basic building blocks for your home and let you take care of everything else. This might be an option you prefer if you have some experience with constriction.

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