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150 150 HomeSure Lending

You Will Always Be Informed

Most all the news we share is good news. Good news always seems to travel super-fast. Not so great news will go fast too. If we run into any snags you’ll know so we can guide you in fixing the issue. If we know something, you will know it too. This is your loan, not ours!

You Can Ask That 1000th Question

We get it! This isn’t ordering pizza, it is a 6-figure financial transaction. Questions matter, anything you are not sure about please err on the side of asking. It would be worrisome if you didn’t have any questions for us!

You and Your Personal Info Are Safe

Your information is always safe and extremely secure. We follow the highest industry standards for data security and encryption. We will always protect your information, and would never even consider selling or sharing your info with any other company.


150 150 HomeSure Lending

You're the Boss

We work for you. You hire us to do the job with excellence. We are your team, and will always give you the tools you need to succeed. You and your needs matter way more than us and our needs. We are here for one reason; to work hard for you. We love seeing our clients reach their goals.

You Will Never Wait Long

Your email or message will always be answered the same business day, and our goal is to get back to everyone within 30 minutes. We will not close for the day if you have not been responded to satisfactorily. Everything we do will reflect our focus on providing you with 5-star service.

You Will Never Get Ripped Off

You are why we exist. As a business nothing matters to us more than you, especially profits. We hide nothing & never charge junk fees. Your numbers will always be thoroughly explained until you are satisfied and understand. You won’t see processing, application or pre-approval fees here.