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Promises Column 2

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You Will Always Be Informed

Most all the news we share is good news. Good news always seems to travel super-fast. Not so great news will go fast too. If we run into any snags you’ll know so we can guide you in fixing the issue. If we know something, you will know it too. This is your loan, not ours!

You Can Ask That 1000th Question

We get it! This isn’t ordering pizza, it is a 6-figure financial transaction. Questions matter, anything you are not sure about please err on the side of asking. It would be worrisome if you didn’t have any questions for us!

You and Your Personal Info Are Safe

Your information is always safe and extremely secure. We follow the highest industry standards for data security and encryption. We will always protect your information, and would never even consider selling or sharing your info with any other company.

Justin Cox

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